Bisaac gets a retlease

Isaac will be available in stores just like this one!

More news!  Today word reaches us….err, wait, what’s that?  I usually only write overlong, rambling essays once every other crescent moon, why am I suddenly writing short daily news articles?  I don’t know what you’re talking about!   And no, it certainly isn’t to do with that news writer job I might apply for!  The people need to hear the latest gaming news, isn’t that reason enough?  Yes, I know I read it somewhere else, but how do you think Trevor McDonald gets his news?  Because he was at the scene of every major newsworthy event of the last 30 years!?  No!  Quite.  Now keep quiet, you’re eating into my precious, precious, imaginary word count.

Right, sorry about that readers, my internal dialogue somehow spilled onto the web for a second there.  I’ll have to keep this brief:

The superlative Binding of Isaac is to get a proper retail release in a special ‘Unholy Edition’, which includes a DRM free version of the game, a free Steam gifting key, the soundtrack, a poster and a 40 page “Devzine.”

A “Devzine” is presumably a magazine made by the developers, and is one of those horrible new words formed by smashing two perfectly good old ones together, like bromance, Subo and spork that will inevitably lead to all language being combined into one massive word every one will bark at each other in the end days before a giant George Orwell returns from the grave to blast us with lasers from his eyes, tutting “I did warn you” so loudly, the entire world explodes.

The Binding of Isaac: Unholy Edition will ‘hit’ stores on the 16th March.  Here’s a picture:

Monitors not included (just as well, they're hideous)


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